Sunday, April 9, 2017

Memories And My Favorite Ladies

Judy Wolvington texted me a few weeks ago and said she was coming to St. George with her daughter Kim and family for spring break.  I was so excited.  I grew up with the Wolvington's as a second family and Kim Wolvington was like my little sister.  We always spent lot's of time with the Wolvington family and the Jameson family and since Kim lives here too we decided to have a BBQ.  The BBQ was at our house, but of course, Kim Jameson made most of the food.  She is an amazing cook and always insists on doing everything.  Jayson was the chef on the BBQ.  We had such a good time visiting and talking about old times.  I love these three ladies and am so glad I know them.  I forgot to take pictures, so I had Teisha take a few when they went over to see Kim's house.
Kim Wolvington Simon, Kim Jameson, and Judy Wolvington

Kevin, Cole, Olivia, and Kim Simon, Haylie Jameson McArthur,
Kim, Judy, and Teisha

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