Sunday, June 4, 2017

Not How We Planned To Start The Summer

We aren't starting the summer off too good this year.  Jayden went boating with his friends on Memorial Day and flew off his tube.  He slapped the water with his hand, and broke a bone in the middle of his hand.  When I got home he said he thought his hand was broken, so I was going to take him to the emergency room, but Tianna said maybe I should see if our home teacher (who is an ER doctor could look at it first).  I hated to bother him and take him away from his family.  I texted him and he was getting on a plane from Salt Lake to here and said he would come by and check it when he got home.  I wanted to take him to the hospital, but Jayson wanted to wait and no one seemed to think it was broken because he wasn't in a lot of pain.  I think he just has a high pain tolerance.  Our home teacher was pretty sure it was broken, so he wrote out a script for me to take Jayden to the hospital for an x-ray.  Tuesday we got an x-ray and it was definitely broken so I texted our home teacher and he said he would look at it that night when he was at the ER.  I got another text from him Tuesday night saying it was worse than we thought and we needed to get a splint on it right away and get to an orthopedic surgeon because it was displaced and may need surgery.  We jumped in the car and headed to Walgreens at 9:30 for a brace and the next morning I called and called and was barely able to find a doctor that could look at it.  Everyone said 3 weeks and I told them my son's hand had been broken for two days and I needed someone to look at it.  Finally, I got him in and the ortho said it was in the grey area, so he almost needed surgery, but he thinks it will heal with a cast, so they casted him up and he gets new x-rays in a month.  He said it felt much better once the cast was on.  Jayden was supposed to start working with his dad full time on Monday and he wasn't able to start at all last week.
In Walgreen's 

The middle finger with the dark line is the break.

At the orthopedic doctor's office
and he doesn't need surgery.

Getting his cast on.

Starting to squeeze the break to set the cast in place.

This is the face of hurting while his
broken hand is being squeezed.

Ready to head home.

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