Saturday, September 9, 2017

BYU vs. Utes

Since Teisha's father in-law gets season tickets every year for the BYU games he always has some extra each game and invites us to use them once in a while.  It just so happened that they were playing the University of Utah (Utes) and Jayson, Eric, and Tianna like the Utes, so it was a perfect game to go watch.  We had such a good time going up to the game and staying the night with Tianna and Eric.  It was Aria's first game too and she wasn't real thrilled.  The weather was so beautiful and I love going to the games.

This precious princess wasn't to sure about the
headphones that her momma wanted her to
wear.  They didn't last long.

I love it when the Blackhawks fly over.  We
live in such a great country and are so blessed.
I always think of my brother Justin and
how proud I am that he flies Blackhawks for
the national guard.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Smith Brother's Coaching

While Dustin was growing up in Lovell, one of his very best friends that spent lots of time at our house, was Jake Smith.  He has always been a great guy and I've kept in touch with him over the years sending Christmas cards and texting to see how he is.  He always texts me to wish me a happy birthday and he has stopped by to visit a few times since we have lived in St. George.  A few years before we moved to St. George, his family moved to Ogden, Utah, where his dad was a football coach and principal.  Jake now has a wife and two little boys and coaches football for Magna, Utah with his two brothers.  One of his brothers was one of my brother Patrick's best friends, so I also know him well.  The Smith brother's football team, the Pirates, came to St. George to play Pineview High.  Jake texted me and asked if we could make it to the game and of course we could.  It was so fun watching the Smith guys coach and visiting with them after the game.  I always love it when friends are in town and let us know.

Coach Colter Smith talking to the guys.

Jake and Colter on the field and Jed on the left.

Loved seeing Jake.  What a great guy!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

She Is The Cutest

Look at this darling picture Teisha took of Aria today.  What a doll!

Friday, September 1, 2017

She Is So Precious, But Her Momma Can't Get Anything Done

This little precious princess is so fun and cute, but her momma can't get anything done because she is spoiled.  Teisha couldn't put her down and now Aria knows being held is pretty nice.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tianna And Eric Having Fun On The Hover Boards

Tianna and Eric got the hover boards out and played around on them, while grandma had some Aria time.
Grandma and Aria like to be outside on the patio.

Doing a little dancing on hover boards.

Grandma loves to hold her.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Handy Man

I married a real handy man.  Our Sears store is closing down so everything is marked way down.  Today we were in there picking up Jayson's new exercise equipment with no intention of buying anything else and we ended up leaving with a new refrigerator and dishwasher.  Our dishwasher is only 6 months old and Teisha needs a new one so we gave her ours and Jayson installed our new one.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Grandpa Jay's Birthday Celebration

I love to have parties and celebrate birthdays and holidays.  I always make a big fuss over birthdays because I think they are one special day of the year to honor someone and their life.  Jayson's dad had his birthday while were in Guatemala and last week we celebrated Dustin's so I decided we should celebrate Jay's today.  He is 78 and still going strong.


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