Saturday, August 5, 2017

Temple Day

This morning we headed to the temple after an amazing breakfast at a great restaurant.  The guys did baptisms and confirmations and us ladies just watched.  The temple was beautiful and when we came out Jayson saw a bus and struck up a friendship with the owner/driver.  There was a interpreter so he was able to ask what kind of engine and get on the bus.  Jayson called him his diesel brother.  After some fun at the temple we went to the market and then headed back to our home to get packed and sleep our last night before heading to Guatemala City tomorrow.
Temple in Quetzaltenango.

The front of the temple grounds.

A bunch of our group in front of the temple.

Our two vans that we traveled all over Guatemala in.  Hugo
and Jayson putting the luggage back on top of the van.

Part of the temple grounds.

Shaun in the bus.

Jayson is proud.

Checking out the engine.

Jayson and his diesel brother.  

Melinda, Shauna, and Jordan 

More temple grounds.

On the way back to where we were staying.

This cactus was right in front of a corn field.

Little stores along the way.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Long Road Trip

Today we decided to take a 4 1/2 hour drive over to the other side of Guatemala to see some Mayan ruins called Zaculeu.  They were restored and don't look exactly like they should.  They look more like they are made of concrete.  There was a little museum there and kids playing soccer and people having picnics.  It is also known as an area for couples to make out.  It was cool though because you are able to climb all over the ruins.  We stayed at a motel that the group leaders knew nothing about and it was pretty sketchy.  One lady woke up to bed bugs and I couldn't sleep because it wasn't clean. The shower was ice cold and nasty.  Luckily we had flip flops to wear in every shower, but it was a long night.  We stayed close to the temple, so we can do baptisms in the morning.
Danny and his mom Jen

Jennifer and her daughter Jordan

Up on top of one of the ruins.

Looking out over one of the ruins.

Me and Jayden 

On top of our nasty hotel.  All the towels from
the hotel are hung out on the roof.

Up on top of our hotel.

Looking out from our hotel.

More ruins.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Buiding A Basketball Hoop And Fancy Dinner

Today we got to travel to the other school again and the guys built a basketball hoop while we hung out with the kids.  For dinner our group leaders took us to a nice hotel on the lake for a fancy dinner.  It was so beautiful and the food was amazing, but after eating eggs beans, and tortilla's all week my stomach wasn't too happy with Alfredo.
Dallin and Hugo in front of the school

These school girls liked Jayden.

Jayden playing basketball with the boys.

The girls loved Jordan.

There were all the boys that went to Guatemala from different
schools here in St. George.  Danny, Dallin, Jayden, Dillon, and  Jaylen.

Some of the men decided to join the ballgame.  

Grounds at the hotel Atitlan.
I love all the beautiful grounds at the hotel we had dinner at.
It was like being at Disneyland.
Our only celebration for our anniversary.
The wade men.  Gordan, his son Dallin, his
brother Russ, and father Reed.
Caught him off guard.
Grass hut.
The sun was going down.
I could eat dinner by this lake every night.
This hotel is beautiful.
Jayson and Hugo.  He is in his 50's and so tiny.
We ate outside on the patio and could see the lake.
My favorite place we ate dinner.


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