Monday, June 5, 2017

Fun Birthday Party

Jayson's nephew's wife is quite the partier.  She owns a catering business here and has 4 kids and doesn't miss a thing.  She is one of the most on the ball people I know.  She had an amazing birthday party for their adorable 1 year old.  The theme was hot air balloons and two of Jayson's nieces were there and it was fun to see them.  One lives here now and the other lives in Provo.  I hadn't seen the one from Provo for about 6 years.  Jayson was out of town, so I went to represent our family.  It was fun visiting with everyone.  They also invited friends from their neighborhood.

This is Myla, the adorable big sister.

Tianna holding the birthday girl "Ellenie"

Jayson's nephew and his sister from Provo.

The birthday girl and her momma.

Ellenie isn't sure what to do with that cake
but I'm sure big brother can help her.

She figured it out.

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